LB2100-2200 - LED Cabinets

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The Series LB-2100/LB-2200 are factory assembled from single modules in any number of windows high or wide to accommodate customer requirements for window size and panel cutout. Rear panel screw terminals allow external connection or the LED cabinet may be wired at the factory to multi-pin connectors to interface via multi-conductor cables to the LED driver logic. Available as redundant window systems.

  • Cabinet Size: Any number of windows high and wide
  • LEDs: Dual polarity – 400mW power dissipation (17mA, 24VDC)
  • Window size: LB2100: 1.50″x3.00″, LB-2200: 2.00″x3.00″
  • Lenses: Sandwich type available.
  • Push-button Modules: Integral push-button modules optional
  • Canadian and UL Approved