X11SN Solid State Annunciator

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The X11SN Solid State Annunciator is designed for the process and power industries’ basic requirements, providing the most economical approach while maintaining Ronan Systems high quality and performance standards. This system is easy to install and requires minimal operator training and maintenance. It features Monalarm, Dualalarm, Trialarm and Quadalarm based within Ronan Systems standard 3.5″x3.5″ mechanical cabinet models.

  • STANDARD WARRANTY: Three (3) years

The single plug-in model construction contains single or multiple alarm circuits utilizing a Complex Programmable Logic Devise (CPLD). Each module contains two of the industry’s most widely popular alarm sequences (ISA-A and ISA-M 18.1). The CPLD allows factory field reprogramming of the two sequences. Normally Open, Normally Closed field contact logic, dual horn and the two alarm sequences are DIP switch selectable.

The expandability, flexibility and reliability of the X11SN Solid State Annunciator all amount to one of Ronan Systems best-selling products.

  • Generates any ISA 18.1 alarm sequence and many custom sequences
  • Possible upgrade to 4 times the original number of points
  • High noise immunity
  • No custom integrated circuit
  • No internal system wiring changes
  • Various LED colors and window arrangements available
  • Canadian and UL approved
  • Class 1 Division 2 Groups A,B, C and D
  • CE, IEC
  • IEEE232, IEEE344
Cabinet Modules/Universal Chassis
Item Description
()-()-X11()-1000, -2000, -3000, -4000 Flush-mounting
()-()-X11SNLR Flush-mounting without rear cover
()-()-X11SNRR Relay Rack-mounting (5 Cabinet Modules wide for 19" rack, 6 Cabinet Modules wide for 24" rack)
()-()-X11SNSM Surface mounting (See Accessories Section)
Alarm Modules
Item Description
X11SN1(_ _ _ _)()(_ _)()() Single Point Alarm module
X11SN2(_ _ _ _)()(_ _)()() Dual Point Alarm module
X11SN3(_ _ _ _)()(_ _)()() Three Point Alarm module
X11SN4(_ _ _ _)()(_ _)()() Quad Point Alarm module
Flasher (FL) Modules and Push-button/Flasher (FLPB) Modules
Item Description
Auxiliary Contact Modules
Item Description