X87 Temperature Process/Rotating Machine Monitor and Alarm System

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Ronan Systems products have been measuring customer process parameters since the 1970’s, the first process monitors X80 and X84 were a huge success and provided the foundation that led to further technological advances in design for the current X87 monitor. Ronan System X87 monitors were designed for industrial and laboratory applications by instrument engineers that concentrated on the notion of signal integrity first, all other product characteristics would follow by meeting Ronan’s high quality design standards. Ronan’s X87 process monitor is a game changer in comparison to other brands, the highest quality electronics built in America today, in many applications nothing else is needed for your process.

Ronan Systems Process Monitors are systems that include signal conditioning, alarm, digital readouts, and re-transmission of a wide variety of inputs for plant and process variables. Variables such as temperature level, flow, pressure, position, and vibration can all be monitored simultaneously from the same Ronan process monitor. These monitors are ideal as a first line of defense for critical operations and rotating machinery processes, or they can provide efficient and reliable backup for alarm and shutdown functions. The X87 complies with API 670 and is ideal for control room or field mounting in NEMA enclosures.

The unit consists of a master module and the required number of input modules. The master module provides digital readout of each input and its associated setpoints.

  • Inputs from thermocouples, RTDs, MA and voltage sources
  • Inputs from vibration sensors
  • Continuous monitoring of all inputs, no scanning used
  • Two independent setpoints per input
  • Front panel LED alarm indicator